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Admiral Ziang was an Admiral of the Christian Fleet during the time of the Ninth Crusade, commander of the Dreadnough Dawn Dragon, and a contemporary of Admiral Lexington Keeler. It was Ziang who "recruited" Keeler into the Christian Fleet by capturing his pirate ship, Red Jacket, and giving Keeler the choice of joining the Christian Fleet or being sent to a remote prison planet. After Keeler sacrificed his ship to destroy the Overlord Nebuchadnezzar, General Ziang gave him command of the fleet's flagship, the Dreadnought Ark Royal.

After the Final Crusade, Ziang retired to the remote planet Winter in the Perseus Quadrant. Finding himself immortal, he isolated himself from the rest of the rest of the colonists -- who had also been driven insane by their immortality -- and built an estate over one of the planet's largest deposits of hydrocarbon fuel. He became wealthy selling this fuel to other estates and lived quite comfortably.

When Prime Commander Bill Keeler visited him (at some point in the 72nd Solar Century), Ziang provided him with much information about the Crusades and the Commonwealth, some of it accurate, some of it misinformation. He also gave Keeler a device that transmitted a Recognition Code to the Starlock Chapultepec, enabling his ship to approach without being destroyed by the station's automatic defenses.

(Book 04: Winter )