Adris Kingfisher was Chief Administrator of Charlemagne Station in the 74th Solar Century, effectively the base’s Chief Operations Officer.

Kingfisher was born and raised in Loftus; a medium-sized settlement on the moon Deseret in the Bountiful B System. She was called to the Bountiful Space Mission when she finished my university studies. Her first posting was at the spaceport on the moon Pahoran of the planet Desolation. After that, she was assigned as an operations officer to the spaceport on Oquirrh, another moon of the Bountiful system. Then, she was promoted to Assistant Chief of Operations at Dieter Uchtdorf Space Station where she work for eight years before being called to work as the Chief of Station Operations on the Charlemagne Starlock. This was shortly after Charlemagne’s initial operations, and much of her three years there was spent supervising as systems were brought on-line, operational facilities were developed, and amenities for the crew were brought on board.

Kingfisher was one of a handful to survive the Aurelian attack on Charlemagne. She revealed that the station was sabotaged internally prior to the attack, and that an Aurelian agent may be in the Fleet of Orion. She replaced Muffy the Sex Slave as a diplomatic aide to Ambassador Goneril Lear on Nova.

(Book 11: Charlemagne )