Aeric Tuck was a Gethsemanian refugee who trained as an Aviator on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. He was rescued from the planet Gethsemane as a child, escaping that planet's horrific destruction. He has an innocent boyish quality that some of the ship's women find irresistible.

Book 10: EventideEdit

Aeric Tuck trained as a flight cadet under Trajan Lear . Lear and Tuck completed 102 supply flights to the surface of Eventide. Aeric Tuck debated joining the Gethsemanian colony on Eventide, but decided to remain on board Pegasus.

Book 11: CharlemagneEdit

Aeric Tuck was horrified at the ability of Sapphirean and Republicker DNA to overwrite baseline human DNA. Concerned that inter-marriage would render the human race extinct, he requested a humans-only homewold from Goneril Lear . She thought the plan was bigoted and contrary to the goals of the New Commonwealth and refused to help. Averill Lear suggested a meand of helping him.