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Commodore Alexavier Wheeler was the Senior Executive Administrator of the Charlemagne Starlock from Solar Year 7377-7381.

A Bountifullian, Wheeler was born and raised in the 14th borough of the City of Zarahemla on Bountiful Prime. His prosperous family was well-invested, with interests in chemical engineering, resource extaction, and interplanetary resource transport.

When he came of age, he was among the first Bountifullians to serve as a missionary for the Church of the Bountiful Saints. He was called to the planet Republic for two years, where he taught Bountifullian Gospel in the City of Alexander.

Upon returning to Bountiful Prime, he went to work at Huntington Resources, a company his family was invested in. Huntington Resources was in the business of extracting chemicals from planets and moons in the outer reaches of the Bountiful tri-system. He encouraged the company to invest in interstellar operations. When the company won a concession to conduct resource extraction in the outer Republic system, he was placed in charge of the operation and moved with his family to City of the New Commonwealth on Republic, although he spent much of his time at the Collosus Orbital Station, whence were directed the company's operations.

After ten years in the Republic System, he was recalled to Bountiful. Rather than return to Bountiful Prime, he chose to settle with his family on the moon Canaan while he took charge of the Pahoran Spaceport, where Huntington Resources based its operations for the moons of Desolation and its shipping fleet. He was later called by his Government to take command of Bountiful Station One, the primary spaceport of the Bountiful Tri-System, located at a Lagrange point near Bountiful Prime.

When he was called to serve as the Station Chief for the newly activated Charlemagne StarLock, his wife chose to exercise an 'Amicable Parting,' a provision of Bountiful Law that allowed married partners to dissolve their marriage without a formal divorce. She turned to Bountiful Prime, he departed for Charlemagne.

Wheeler died when Charlemagne’s Command Center (Main Mission) was destroyed during the Aurelian Attack on the base in the Solar Year 7381.

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