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Born: Teague, Sapphire

Age at Launch: 24

Warfighter Lieutenant Anaconda Taurus is a well-trained and accomplished warrior, tough, skilled and smokin' hot. She saw combat action on the planets Meridian, Bodicea, Aurora, 12 2555 Crux 2, and Yronwode and participated in the evacuation of children from the planet Gethsemane.

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, she has never hooked up with TyroCommander Redfire. She did, however, enter into a passionate affair and subsequent marriage to Johnny Rook, a warfighter twelve years her junior. She bore him two children, Skua and John Jr.

After serving as a trooper in the Warfighter Core, she was promoted to Lt. Commander and became the Chief Logistics Officer of the Warfighter Core.