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Anaconda Taurus was a warfighter assigned to the pathfinder ship Pegasus. She is a native of Sapphire’s Panrovia province. She is described as a small but tough woman with a hard body. She later marries a much younger warfighter, Johnny Rook, bears his children, and becomes Pegasus’s Chief Tactical Officer.

Book 01: Meridian[]

Taurus is part of the team sent to the surface of Meridian. She is injured in battle, but still manages to fight off numerous Merid attackers.

Book 04: Winter[]

Taurus is part of a task force – including TyroCommander Redfire, Medical Technician Jersey Partridge, and Engineering Specialist Stanza – who explore an Aurelian ship found in orbit of the planet Winter.

Book 06: Crucible[]

Taurus leads a task force to the surface of the second planet of the 12 255 Crux system and holds off a massive assault by unidentified alien ground forces.

Book 07: Yronwode[]

Between Book 06 and Book 07, Taurus has married Warfighter Johnny Rook and given birth to a daughter, Skua.

Book 08: Hellfire[]

Taurus-Rook is serving as the chief Quartermaster and Logistics Officer for Pegasus’s Warfighter Contingent

Book 09: Gethsemane[]

Taurus-Rook leads the effort to evacuate children from the planet Gethsemane before it is destroyed.

Book 11: Charlemagne[]

Taurus-Rook and her husband weigh several options before deciding that they will leave Pegasus to settle on Gander colony. Their plans, like those of many others, are disrupted by the attack on Charlemagne Station.


Husband – Johnny Rook

Daughter – Skua

Son – Johnny