Aneera Deckard is a Systems Analyst in the service of the New Commonwealth at the start of Book 11: Charlemagne . She oversees the upgrade of Pegasus’s system including the installation of new engines and propulsion systems. She is the great, great grand-daughter of Kayliegh Driver and Magnus Morgan .

Aneera Deckard grew up on the planet Rainier III in a settlement outside the capital city of Mountain Home. She trained as an expert in cybernetics and propulsion systems at the Rainier Institute of Cybernetics and Engineering (RICE) and was hired by the New Commonwealth as a cybernetics experts. Although her ambition was to serve on a starship and explore the galaxy, she found herself primarily tasked with the exceedingly complex and difficult task of bringing StarLocks On-Line.

After Deckard oversaw the upgrades of propulsion and cybernetic systems of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus and Charlemagne Starlock was destroyed, she joined the crew of Pegasus. (Book 11: Charlemagne).

She has a cybernetic implant at the base of her skull that enables her to connect and interface directly with the ship’s systems.


Aneera Deckard was intended to be a parody of Star Trek Voyager’s 7 of 9; a humorless automaton who was always spouting technobabble but had a nice rack. She didn’t really come out that way. Her name underwent numerous spelling changes… Dekkar, Decker, Deckar, DeKar… before settling on one that made a connection to her android-like demeanor. Lexington Keeler even refers to her as a "replicant" during the Battle of Terrastar.

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