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Map Arcadia 1.jpg

Arcadia is one of Five Territories on the Alpha Continent of the planet Sapphire. As of the Solar Year 7200, Arcadia’s total population was approximately 800 million. There are four major population belts surrounding the cities of Coolsville, Sunfall, Tripoli, and Arcadia City, with half of the region’s population living within 200 kilometers of one of those cities.

Central Arcadia is dominated by the Arcadian Rainforest, the largest Rainforest on the planet Sapphire. Deep in the interior of the Arcadian Rainforest is the Leonidas Mountain Range, and somewhere in the vicinity is the Unreal City; the Primary Temple Complex of the Order of Sumac, a cult of Warrior-Priests who training for an eventual, apocalyptic confrontation with Ultimate Evil, and in the meantime act as planetary peacekeepers and advisors to the Permanent Sapphire Defense. Its exact location is a heavily guarded secret.

The economy of Arcadia is highly diverse, ranging from agriculture and food production to heavy industry. Many varieties of flora and fauna from the rainforest have been cultivated for their pharmaceutical properties; both medicinal and recreational. Trans-Arcadia Health and Medicine is a major developer and seller of such, and is headquartered in Arcadia City. The Cloudbuster Aerospatial Consortium operates one of its largest planetside engineering facilities in the cities of Salt City and Silica Mountain in the continent’s north.