A member of Pegasus's Technical Core, also trained in Warfighter operations. In the latter role, he was sent to the planet Gethsemane as part of Team Victor Alpha to assist in the evacuation of children from the planet. He recommended the use of Crazy Purple KnockOut Gas to subdue the children so they could be evacuated, but the team opted instead for incendiaries to burn down the forest and drive them to the beach, where they could be stunned with pulse weapons for easier evacuation. At the time of his appearance in Book 09, he is 31 Sapphirean Years of Age, of below average human height, thickly built, thick reddish brown hair, and a slightly oversized nose. He was an avid player of air hockey, where he played on Technical Core's team. Prior to his selection to the Odyssey Project, he resided in the small city of Coltsfoot in the northern part of Sapphire's Delta Continent.