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Arthur Keeler was a citizen of Sapphire colony, heir to the Keeler fortune, father of Ken, Bill, and Bettilou Keeler, and the husband of Winifred Keeler.

Arthur Keeler was born in New Cleveland, Sapphire, in the Sapphirean Year 7181. He lived his entire life in New Cleveland, apart from vaacations elsewhere. He graduated from the University of Sapphire in New Cleveland in December, 7201 with a degree in Broadcast Systems Engineering.

He acquired a Master's Degree in Commerce from USNC in 7204.

He could have gone to work for the Keeler Trust Company, but against his mother's wishes, took a position managing a commercial broadcast station in Queen City, a middle sized urban center on the Blue Chip river. Within a week of his assignment, his mother had arranged for the company that owned the station to be bought by a subsidiary of the Keeler Trust. She had Arthur promoted to manage all of the company's broadcast assets. She had him moved back to New Cleveland.

Overshadowed by his mother at every turn, Arthur gradually lost interest in business pursuits. He took up fishing, and eventually became a championship fisherman. He met Winifred Beauchamps-Prettyfield at a reception following his Second Place Finish in the Hammersquid Bluefin Tournament in 7212. They were married the following year. Their children Ken, Bill, and Bettilou followed in 7232, 7240, and 7245. He was, by all accounts, a devoted father. He also served on the New Cleveland City Council from 7252 to 7272

Arthur Keeler died of a sudden brain aneurysm while playing naked quoits in 7282.


Arthur Keeler appears in Book 09 - Gethsemane.

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