The Fast Attack Corvette NCS Augustana was A New Commonwealth Scout ship with a mixed crew of 145 mostly from Swan Vesta colony. Captained by Commander Tracy Hepburn of Swan Vesta colony. Swan Vesta is a divided world, with deep lines of cultural and social divisions between the two nations that occupy each of the planets two continents. Scout ships from Swan Vesta operate in pairs, one crewed by inhabitants from Swan continent and the other from Vesta continent. Augustana’s Vestan counterpart (‘Silhouette’) was destroyed at Charlemagne, but about two dozen of its crew, including its first officer and chief engineer, were rescued by Augustana. Coincidentally, Augustana's first officer and chief engineer died in the attack. Hepburn replaced her fallen officers with their counterparts. Augustana was destroyed in the Battle of Terrastar while drawing fire from Aurelian forces to protect the Defender Ship Helaman.