Averill Alexandria Lear is the daughter of Goneril and Augustus Lear, and the sister of Trajan and Marcus Lear. She serves as Goneril Lear’s senior aide in the New Commonwealth Diplomatic Core on board the Forward Base Ship Nova. (Book 11: Charlemagne )

A.A. Lear was born on Chapultepec Starlock while the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler was undergoing repairs. She was born when Trajan Lear was 17 or 18 years old, but due to Trajan spending much more time traveling through normal space at relativistic speeds, she is a much older woman by the time he meets her in Book 11.

At some point in the past, Averill Lear was offered her own ambassadorship, but she turned it down in order to continue serving as her mother’s aide. A.A. Lear delights in passively aggressively undermining her mother’s plans

  • · She encouraged Trajan Lear to defect to Sapphire to thwart Goneril Lear ’s ambitions of making him a senator.
  • · She suggests to Bill Keeler that she could help him secure a post other than on Novi, where Goneril Lear has invited him to serve as ship’s historian.
  • · She advises Aeric Tuck on how his people might secure a pure-blooded-humans-only homeworld in New Commonwealth space; a concept that appalls Goneril Lear.

Bill Keeler considers her “spooky.”