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Avery Groombridge is a character appearing the Free Worlds story "Cherchez La Femme. He is a parody of the character Avery Bullock from 'American Dad.'

Avery Groombridge was the Senior Ambassador and Chief of the Republic Ministry of Interplanetary Diplomacy Mission to the city of Corvallis on the planet Sapphire when Goneril Lear was posted to the planet as a diplomatic attache and undercover counter-intelligence operative as her first off-world assignment after completing her university studies.

Avery Groombridge had been the Senior Ambassador in Corvallis for twenty years; having requested additional tours four times since the end of his first tour. In addition to his Diplomatic duties, he also was a guest lecturer at Corvallis University, and participated in regular debates making the case that Republic's form of Government was superior.

Groombridge's family had formerly been prominent on Republic, but their status and prestige were already in decline when he accepted the ambassadorial post.

Spoiler: During his tenure, Avery Groombridge had an affair with an expatriate Republicker named Eurydice Minx. Eventually, he defected before the affair could be used to destroy him.

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