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Basil was anAves  assigned to Flight Group 1 (a.k.a. Alpha Flight a.k.a. The Burning Skies [informal]) on the >Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. Its aviator was Flight Captain Halo Jordan. 


Basil undertook rescue operations on the planet Meridian after the landing party became stranded. (Book 01: Meridian

Basil undertook relief operations on EdenWorld colony after the landing party became stranded. (Book 03: Bodicea ) 

Basil crashed while conducting relief operations on Bodicea colony and was stranded for 16 years. It played a crucial role in the Bodicean Resistance under the Aurelian occupation. (Book 03: Bodicea

Basil underwent 18 months of repairs after its recovery from Bodicea and was repurposed as a training ship for cadet aviators. (Book 03: Bodicea

Basil was lost in System 12 225 Crux while pursuing an alien attack ship. (Book 06 Crucible)