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Hector was an Aves  assigned to Flight Group 2 (a.k.a. Beta Flight a.k.a. The Hellblazers [informal]) on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus . Its aviator was Flight Lieutenant Adrian Lowell.


Hector was part of a reconnaissance expedition to intercept an identified mass in the outer Bodicea system, which turned out to be an Aurelian Conquest Fleet. The ship was captured and its crew converted. (Book 03: Bodicea)

Hector transported a landing party, including Commander Keeler, Lt. Commander Alkema, and the MacKenzie brothers to the surface of the planet Fallon. (Book 08: Hellfire)

Hector intercepted the surviving Fast Attack Corvettes Fighting Mongoose and Honey Badger in the Parallax System following the Attack on Starlock Charlemagne. (Book 11: Charlemagne)