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Axiom of Force (or Axiom for short) was a Free Alliance Defender Ship . It participated in several exploring expeditions in the Perseus Quadrant recharting colonies in the Ara and Puppis Sectors. In the Solar Year 7381, Axiom was sent to the Charlemagne Starlock in preparation for an Exploring Expedition into the Orion Quadrant. Charlemagne was ambushed by an Aurelian attack fleet before the Expedition could depart. Axion survived the Attack on Charlemagne and became part of the Fleet of Orion . Axiom was a warship, carrying heavy anti-proton guns, missiles, and two squadrons of Aquilae equipped for the Heavy Attack Role. Axion of Force was destroyed at the Battle of Terrastar.

Axciom was commanded by Prime Commander Thucydides “Thus” Antinodes of Bella La Cava colony and Executive Officer Elijah Hood of Wren colony with a crew of 1,103 primarily from various Free Alliance colonies.

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