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Bang was an inhabitant of the planet Yronwode . Bang’s real name is Anastasia Clear. She was a Midian, a former university student who dropped out of school to live among the Xirong. She was a militant who encouraged the Xirong to overthrow her people through means of a mass-scale insurrection called the ‘ferkaktata.’

Convinced that Bill Keeler was a powerful being, she arranged for him to become the leader of Izzan Phalange by killing the previous chieftain, Boros. She then manipulated him to unite the other Phalanges and launch the ferkaktata against the Midians by providing him with a beverage that drugged him and made it possible for her to delude and humiliate him. She urged him to destroy the Midian Holy City of Xiyyon with weapons of mass destruction, and to destroy the Xiron City of Fett-Al-Birt to lure the Midians into a trap.

After the unsuccessful assault on Midian, Bank was killed by a piece of heavy ground-moving equipment while attempting to obstruct Midian efforts to clear the battlefield of debris.

(Book 07: Yronwode )

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