Technician First Class Bart Savagewood is a member of the Medical and Technical Cores of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. He was a native of the planet Sapphire.

Book 08: HellfireEdit

Savagewood was a member of the party that crashed on a mysterious island on the planet Fallon after the Aves Amy disintegrated in mid-air. He was very focused on the survival of his fellow survivors, at first. After a day on the island, he had reverted to a savage state.

Book 11: CharlemagneEdit

Savagewood was a member of one of the many mutinies being contemplated aboard Pegasus after the ship was scheduled for decommissioning. He later threatened to expose David Alkema’s role in the plot, but was put back in his place when General Kitaen threatened him with violence.


Bart Savagewood is named after a character in the comic strip 'Bloom County.'