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Tactical Specialist Benjamin Gage was part of the Tactical Core of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, specializing in weapons system operations.

Backstory: Benjamin Gage was a native of Booth Harbor, a small town on the north coast of Sapphire's Arcadia province. He spent the days of his youth sailing in Booth Bay. He trained with the junior Sumacians as a teenager, but when he won a position with the Odyssey Project, he chose that rather than taking vows and trained to become a tactical officer. He was assigned to the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus.

Gage was able to enjoy shore leave on EdenWorld, Independence, Aurora, and Fallon. He enjoyed a beach party on EdenWorld. On Independence, he was part of Commander Keeler's security detail during an all-night bar hop and at one point was challenged by Keeler to shoot an olive out of a martinin balanced on the commander's head. He decline. On Aurora, he was robbed of his landing pack by sex-morph. On Fallon, he was traveling to the surface on the Aves Amy when it broke up in the lower atmosphere. the main cabin landed safely after its crash systems deployed. During his off-duty hours, he is an avid wallyball player and enjoys attending air hockey tournaments. During the two years Pegasus remained at the Chanticleer Starlock, he married Freya Agathon, who bore him a son, Agamemnon, during the transit between Gethsemane and Eventide.

Gage was on the bridge of Pegasus during the annihilation of the planet Gethsemane. He participated in the defense of Pegasus from Ialdabaoth and the scorpion-monsters it brought with it from its Hell realm. (Book 09 Gethsemane)