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 Bettilu Keeler was the sister of Bill Keeler, and the daughter of Arthur and Winifred Keeler. She was born in New Cleveland, Sapphire, in the Sapphirean Year 7245.

A rebellious youth, she left the family home at the age of 17 and relocated to Kandor, we she became an actress and scored minor parts in a series of beta-grade holo-fiction entertainment features, in cluding Hot Wet Girls of the Forbidden Planet, Hot Wet Prehistoric Cave Girls, and Hot Wet Mining Guild Girls. She also appeared in Hot and Wet at the Beach, a safety film made by the Government of Republic to warn Republicker tourists of the dangers of sun exposure. She also made minor appearances in two episodes of The Scary Zone of Unpredictable Madness. She spent three years living in a Panrovian Nudist Community.

Returning to New Cleveland in 7277, she enrolled in the University of Sapphire at New Cleveland, ultimately receiving a Doctorate in Human Physiology in 7289. In 7285, she married Guiron Rhinelander, a wealthy and much older businessman from Baden Baden Baden. She bore him two daughters, Caneel and Merrill, and a son, Hudson. She was living with her family in New Cleveland when her brother Bill left on the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler in 7292.

In a pocket universe, she was employed as a "broadcast counselor;" she had a scheduled interactive program on one of Sapphire's communication networks. People would call her to relay their personal problems and she would yell at them. She was an activist in Sapphire’s anti-Democracy movement, and started a group called WITHSTAND – Women of Integrity, Temperament, and Honesty Standing Together Against the New Democracy . (Book 09 Gethsemane)