William Augustus "Billy" Keane was a Telemetry Specialist on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, a blond-haired man with a chunky build. Backstory: Billy Keene was the product of a mixed marriage; Republicker mother, Sapphirean father. He grew up in the City of the White Circle on Republic, the eldest of four siblings. His mother was obsessive compulsive and drawn to shiny objects. His father was an artist licensed by the Ministry of Home and Family to design posters supporting positive family relationships. His father frequently humiliated him by developing crudely drawn propaganda posters which he attributed to "My son Billy." Keene's initial application to the Odysser Prohect was rejected when he failed to meet the minimum academic and cognitve requirements.

However, an act passed by three of Republic's legislatures created a special program for those who were deficient to take a 60 day course and re-apply. Keene's second attempt was successful. After his completion of the Odyssey Project training (for which he was given an additional two quarters to complete the required training course. He was assigned to the Pathfinder Ship as a Technician Third Class. Rather than leave the ship with many of the other Republicker Crew after the events at 12 255 Crux, Keene remained on board, and was able through training and some amount of luck, to be promoted to the role of Telemetry Specialist. In his private life, Billy Keene is in a dark, twisted, deeply pervese relationship with Second Class Technician and spends his weekends tied up and wearing a leather dog outfit. Billy Keane was on the bridge of Pegasus during the annihilation of the planet Gethsemane. (Book 09 Gethsemane)