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Worlds Apart Book 12 - Earth



The Pathfinder Ship Pegasus leads a fleet of twenty starships -- motley survivors of the Charlemagne Attack -- to their Final Destination. Earth.  Pegasus must find a legendary weapon lost in the ruins of Ancient Earth, and use it to defeat the massive Aurelian fleet following a few days behind them and save humanity from annihilation. 

There are just a few minor obstacles standing in their way:

  • The weapon could be hidden anywhere from the junkyards of Venus to the ice beaches of Pluto of (or even hidden in the rings of Uranus!)
  • A cabal of Super AI's, their army of Hovering Robot Death Squids, and the holographic ghost of Donald Trump guard the only tech left in the Solar System.
  • Due to a minor design flaw, the weapon could also, if not used properly, destroy the universe. 

Will Pegasus find the weapon in time? Can they use it without destroying the universe? Will the Fleet Commander's carefully color-coded battle strategies prevail or will humanity be wiped from the universe? Also, did the Earth always have two moons? Is this even the right planet?

Oh, and one more complication, the powerful alien race that almost wiped out humanity two thousand years earlier is coming back to have another go at it.