Boon is a colony located in the Equuleus Sector of the Perseus Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Boon is the fourth planet of seventeen in the 06 707 Equueleus System, a binary system of an F-Type Sun with 13 planets which is orbited in turn by a White dwarf and four planets. Boon has two small moons of its own called Bertram and Stalwart.

Boon has three continents, Sierra Romeo, East Carolina, and West Carolina. East and West Carolina are joined by an isthmus that stretches latitudinally between them.

Most of the planet has a warm climate. The planet’s axis is somewhat unstable and the poles can be subject to long periods of darkness or sun when the planet tilts excessively. As a result, the world’s polar regions are quite barren, but the middle latitudes have a lush and vibrant ecosystem.

Its sky is normally azure, but copper-orange streaks appear when the upper atmosphere is ionized in a certain way.


Boon was one of the earliest worlds settled in the Equuleus Sector, with records of inhabitation dating back to the 31st Century. Like the handful of other early colonies, it was neglected during the wars of the Fourth Millennium and developed only after peace was restored.

During the White Plague, the people of Boon lost their ability to taste acids and their sensitivity to spicy food. As a result, Boon cuisine is the hottest in the galaxy; too piquant for many humans, although establishments serving Boon cuisine have been established on most major worlds and have a steady clientele among daring epicureans.

During the Second Aurelian War, Boon was attacked and invaded and partly occupied by an Aurelian Battle Group. The Aurelians established a beach head and garrison in East Carolina and kept a fleet in orbit, isolating Boon from the rest of the galaxy. The Aurelians maintained a presence on the planet from SY7290 until 7SY310, when they were driven from the planet by a combined New Commonwealth and Free Worlds Task Force.

Demographics and CultureEdit

Between 760,000,000 and 800,000,000 people were living on Boon as of the 74th Solar Century. Its planetary capital city is New Melbourne, located on Sierra Romeo continent.

It is commonplace for inhabitants of Boon to be given adjectival first names. e.g. "Courageous Smith" or "Beautiful Jones."

Boon benefits from close proximity to the Furlong colony and a position in space between the Chapterhouse Starlock and the Sapphire-Republic-Loki system, a major trade route in the Perseus Quadrant. Boon is a member of the New Commonwealth, but has good trade relations with most of the worlds in the Free Alliance. People from Boon serve on the ships of the New Commonwealth as well as Free Worlds ships.