Bountiful System

The planet Bountiful and its banner, depicting the Cross of Columba (a constellation visible in its northern hemisphere) a representation of the ship that discovered the world, and the ancient crest of the Galactic Christian Saints

Bountiful Prime is a Terra Class planet in the Bountiful System occupying the first orbit out from Bountiful A. It is orbited by the moon Liahona.
  • Geography: There are three major continents: First Inheritance, Samaria, and Zebulon and a number of large islands. The planet is girded by a large ocean: the Ripliancum Ocean. Much of the land area is arid or semi-arid, but there are also extensive fertile areas, especially along the coasts. There are large fertile areas in the provinces of Heshlon and Nephihah where a large portion of the planet’s food is grown. Parts of the planet are mountainous; such as the states of Onida and Corihor (the latter is a source of many bawdy limericks and bad puns) Its highest peak is Mount Zerinon on the continent of Zebulon. Bountiful Prime is a relatively warm planet, with no ice caps at either pole and extensive temperate regions at all latitudes.
  • Culture: 6.5 billion people live on Bountiful Prime. Its Capital and Largest City is Zarahemla, which is also the Administrative Center for the Bountiful Tri-System. 10 million people live there. Other large cities include Nazareth, Bethlehem, Galilee, Tarsus, and St. Joseph. The Bountiful Christian Saints Church (BCCS) maintains its headquarters complex in Zarahemla. Many planets in the New Commonwealth and the Free Worlds Alliance maintain embassies there. Its planetary government is led by a Council of 12 Judges, elected by popular vote. It has a bicameral legislature consisting of a Parliament elected proportionally by party-line voting, and an Assembly elected district-by-district. Each house has 500 members. The planet has well-developed energy, transportation, and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • City by the Sea, on the west coast of Amulon, is a beautiful resort area with an awesome climate and the third largest city on the planet. Other large cities include Manti, capital of Amulon region on the continent of First Inheritance; Laish on the continent of Samaria, and Boaz on the continent of Zebulon.
  • Residents of Bountiful Prime (“Primers”) are regarded as ambitious and hard-working… but also pushy and officious. The planet’s proximity to the sun gives it the brightest skies in the Bountiful Tri-system, (night under a full moon is almost as bright as mid-day on Gideon) and visitors from other planets can be recognized by the sun-shades they wear to shield their corneas. The people of Bountiful Prime have adapted by growing secondary membranes across their eyelids. Solar power also provides the planet with much of its energy. It is a center for banking, commerce, and industry.
  • Bountiful Prime was the primary location for the Colonialist-Federalist Wars of the 43rd Solar Century; a series of conflicts and battles between the Saintist (Colonialist) settlers who first arrived on the planet, and the colonists sent by the Federal Outworld Consortium (Federalists) which had legal claim to the planet.
  • Reference: CommodoreAlexavier Wheeler of Starlock Chapultepec is a native of Bountiful Prime. (Book 11 - Charlemagne)