Warfighter aboard the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, also attached to the ship's Tactical Core. Led the team that evacuated kids from the city of Nevalah on Gethsemane. He previously had visited two of the Megaplex Cities on Aurora, patrolled the Arcology of Meridian after its bombing, explored the underwater survival bunker on Dominia and the giant pre-fab space-skyscrapers of Ecco 1. But he thought Nevelah was the weirdest city he had visited. At the time of his appearance in Book 09, he is 35 Sapphirean years old, of above average human height, with curly light brown hair he wears tightly cropped. He has a wife on board Pegasus. Prior to Pegasus, he was a resident of Talisman, a medium-sized city in Sapphire's Jutland Province.