Seventh planet (of twenty-one) in the binary system 11 462 and 11 645 Triangula. Bright Angel is a Terra Alpha class planet with six moons orbiting an A-class star, with a red dwarf star occupying the system’s outer orbit.Bright Angel was re-charted by the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler in the 72nd Solar Century.


The planet Bright Angel has a relatively advanced technological culture. Approximately 340 million humans inhabit this world.

Its six continents are governed in a loose confederation by a parliamentary-style legislative body, with the power to govern on some matters and advise on others (like Sapphire’s ‘Thing’).

GeogRaphy and ClimateEdit

The brightness of her primary produces a very bright sky, and gives much of the planet a washed-out appearance. Initial landing parties were obliged to wear eye-gear to compensate. The planet has a very mountainous geography. Its distance from its sun produces a cool climate, with relatively large arctic regions. Most human inhabitations are on the floors of large valleys between the mountain ranges. Most of the planet’s surface water is frozen in ice caps at the poles. Long pipelines carry water from the glaciers in the high latitudes to the human settlements.

The planet has one large moon called Aggelos


Synch Christmas, a Tactical Officer on Lexington Keeler, commented:

“Bright Angel was a beautiful, mountainous world, although a lot of it was rather chilly. There was a thriving human civilization there, most eager to remain contact with its human brothers. It was at Bright Angel that we realized that our ship’s Central Braincore had become fully sentient. The pattern of system glitches that had plagued us since launch were actually the first stirrings of its consciousness.” (Book 06: Crucible)

(Book Six: Crucible )