Caliph is a non-corporeal sentient being that arose from Pegasus’s Braincore. She is believed to be a remnant of the alien Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the Caliph Probe, whose bio-neural components were cloned and incorporated into the Pathfinder braincore.

She is mercurial, capricious, and often immature. Her primary motivation is the discovery of her origins.

She is capable of traveling through space as an electromagnetic waveform. She can interface with and manipulate Commonwealth technology. Although she lacks a physical form, she is capable of manifesting an image of herself by manipulating signals in the human brain. Her ability to manipulate the human brain extends to the ability to erase and manipulate memory, and she can create in the mind any tactile, auditory, visual, or other sensory sensation. She uses this ability to maintain an intimate relationship with Max Jordan.

Book 01: MeridianEdit

Caliph manifested herself in Pegasus’s braincore, took over Pegasus, and attempted to destroy the planet Meridian. Lexington Keeler convinced her she could destroy the invasive life form on Meridian without destroying the planet. He also convinced her to give control of the ship back to the crew, in exchange for her being allowed to search for her origins as part of the Odyssey Mission.Edit

Book 02: EdenWorldEdit

As a prank, Lexington Keeler convinced Caliph to address the crew only in cryptic riddles.

Book 03: BodiceaEdit

Caliph interfaced with the Artificial Intelligence aboard the Aurelian Megasphere; an experience she found unpleasant and distressing.

Book 05: AuroraEdit

Caliph reactivated systems on the Starlock Chapultepec.

Book 06: CrucibleEdit

Caliph interfaced with a similar intelligence, Lex, that arose in the AI Braincore of the pathfinder ship Lexington Keeler under similar circumstances.

Book 07: YronwodeEdit

Caliph erased Max Jordan’s traumatic childhood memories, resulting in a dramatic shift of his personality.Edit

Book 08: HellfireEdit

Caliph caused a rift between Max Jordan and Johnny Rook by creating the image and tactile sensation of Rook’s wife, Anaconda Taurus, during virtual sex.

Book 09: GethsemaneEdit

Caliph and Max Jordan teamed up to destroy the demonic entity known as IadolaboathEdit

Book 11: CharlemagneEdit

Caliph manipulated David Alkema into organizing a mutiny, and a plot to seize the ship, when Pegasus was scheduled for decommissioning.Edit