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Cassius and Claudus McCormick were identical twin brothers who served on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus as Operations and Flight Control Specialists. They are described as stockily built young men with pale skin and light blond hair.

The brothers come from the City of Agronomy on Republic; a vast complex of greenhouses and logistics facilities and part of the planet's complex of 'Food Production Centers.' The brothers signed on with the Odyssey Project upon completion of secondary school and were accepted into the program for development of Technical Operations personnel. Both finished with scores in the top 10 per cent of their training unit and were assigned to Pathfinder 2, Pegasus.

They make minor appearances in four Worlds Apart books:

  • In Worlds Apart Book 2: EdenWorld, both are in the Primary Center when Lt. Navigator Change enters and deliver mundane status reports to her.
  • In Worlds Apart Book 3: Bodicea, Cassius McCormick clears Flight Captain Wang's Aves for departure and Claudius passes a message to commander Keeler in the Primary Command Center.
  • In Worlds Apart Book 5: Aurora, both are in the Primary Command Center coordinating a tactical operations with Tactical TyroCommander Redfire and, earlier, assist Executive TyroCommander Lear with a covert operation.
  • In Worlds Apart Book 06: Crucible, both pop up at various points in the book coordinating flight operations. Ultimately, they choose to leave Pegasus and sign on with the crew of Lexington Keeler, where Lear probably promoted them.