A Native of the planet Eventide: Cesario was a woman who disguised herself as a boy in order to secure passage on sea-ships within the merchant fleets of the Archipelago. Her disguise completely failed to fool the crew of Red Jacket; leading Bill Keeler to bet David Alkema that he could get Cesario to reveal her identity without directly challenging her. If he won, Alkema would become his butler for a year. If he lost, he would relieve Eliza Jane Change and take command of Pegasus. [Worlds Apart Book 10: Eventide]


Cesario was born Sarah McConner on the island of Kespritt on Eventide; Kespritt being a middle-sized island located on the trade routes between the major islands of Angleteer and Illyria. Her family were sheep-herders. Finding her prospects bleak, she stowed away on an Angleteerian trading vessel at the age of 16. The captain discovered her and put her off on Caledonia island. Realizing there was no place in the trading fleet for a woman, she disguised herself as a boy and talked her way onto the trading ship Valtrious with a sad story of being orphaned in one of Caledonia's civil war. She remained on the ship after it was sold to Bill Keeler. At the conclusion of that voyage, she was given command of a trading ship, the Sea Witch, and eventually made her way to the ‘New World’ on the far side of Eventide. She settled in with the Gethsemanian colonists on the far side of Eventide and eventually dropped her pretenses. She participated in river trade among the Gethsemanian settlements for some years before settling in Rescue of Abbanakki. To no one's surprise, she set up housekeeping with a Gethsemanian woman. They eventually opened a pet grooming business and she served twice on the town council. She died some forty solar years after the events of Book 10 when the Gethsemane River flooded the town.