Chrysalia was a colony world in the Orion Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Chrysalia was located in a trinary system consisting of a red giant star called Tegran and a blue giant called Antegran. Chrysalia orbited the center of gravity between the two giant suns, so that its southern hemisphere was burnished in the red light of Tegran while the northern hemisphere endured the harsh blue light of Antegran. Chrysalia was orbited by Tectratertia, a hunk of crystalized carbon from the remains of a fourth star, a white dwarf, that had once been part of the same star system. It was torn apart by the larger stars, and eventually formed not only the moon, but the crystal core of the planet. Light, from the suns, passed through the crystal of Tectratertia, and cast brilliant prisms across the landscape.

History and CultureEdit

Chrysalia started as a unified settlement, but eventually split into two colonies. The Southern Hemisphere, the Hemisphere of the Red Sun, and the Northern Hemisphere of the Blue Sun. 

In the final days of the colony, the Southern Hemisphere was under the leadership of a former Commonwealth Governor-General named Bradstreet Zapata. The Northern Hemisphere was led by an engineer named Antrim Darian.

During the Eighth Crusade, the Chrysalia System was attacked by a mega-weapon unleashed by an organization known as ‘The Company.’ The weapons accelerated the fusion reaction in Antegran, causing the sun’s heat output to increase. Temperatures in the northern hemisphere began to increase by sixty degrees within ten years.

The colonists built enormous ice-ships to evacuate their population. Many of these ships reached and colonized the colony of Lyra Aurora. 

Worlds Apart Book 05: Aurora