Ciel was the First Advocate of the Inner Circle of Bodicea , the planet’s ruling government. She represented the planet in its dealing with the crew of Pegasus and the Aurelians in their first contact. Although she was personally offended by many of the ‘patriarchal’ elements of the society represented by Pegasus, she attempted to keep an open mind. She was very prone to compromise; for example, allowing the crew to visit the surface, but restricting them to remote locations where they would not come in contact with native inhabitants. She wanted to proceed cautiously on establishing diplomatic relations with Republic; concerned that contact with ‘patriarchal’ societies would compromise her world’s integrity. Her hesitancy in political matters was partly related to her weak position in the Inner Circle.

She resided in the city of Serenopolis when not on business in the planetary capital at Concordia. She kept Tobias as her consort, a controversial practice on a planet where men were supposed to be shared. She had a daughter, Pieta. She was somewhat embarrassed by the privileges her elite position offered her compared with most others on the planet; but not too embarrassed to partake of them heartily.

She was a devout Iestan, and this helped her bond with Goneril Lear, whom she accepted as something of a peer as a powerful woman; although she believed that being a powerful woman in a ‘patriarchal’ culture necessarily limited Lear’s influence and standing.

Under pressure from the opposition party in the Inner Circle (threatening the arrest of Tobias for unlawfully conspiring with other men against public order), she agreed to pass a Treaty of Peace and Friendship with the Aurelians. Shortly afterward, the Aurelians attacked and laid waste to her world and the leader of the opposition was revealed to be an agent in their employ. Ciel was taken into custody and executed just before the Aurelian attack began.

(Book 03: Bodicea )