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The City of Alexander is the Capital of the planet Republic and First Among the Greatest Cities of the Planet. All four houses of the People's Government are located there, along with the headquarters of hundreds of the People's ministries. Over 40 million grateful inhabitants reside in the premier city of the great republic.

History []

The City of Alexander is one of the few Republic cities that not formerly the site of an extraction complex. Its construction was ordered by the first Unitary Planetary Government. Its location was positioned between the previous capital stations of the former planetary powers, and was close to the site of the City of United Strength, the former Rowan Tau station. Rowan Tau had been the largest mining station, and was centrally located among the densest concentration of mining stations on the planet.  Rowan Tau station played a critical role in the 'Process of Unification' (a.k.a. 'The City Wars') that united the stations of the planet into a unified central government. At the conclusion of the 'Process of Unification,' The new planetary capital was named 'City of Alexander' in honor of Constantine Alexander, the first Supreme Chancellor of the Unified Planetary Government


The city sits near the center of a vast plain. A series of enormous domes shelters the city from the harsh climate beyond. In a typical 205 day Republic year, there will be no more than five days of sunshine over the City of Alexander. The city relies on extensive networks of air and water processors, as well as strictly enforced recycling statutes, in order to remain habitable. Underneath the city is a vast reservoir of reclaimed water over 200 meters deep in some places. No swimming, diving, or other forms of water-based recreation are permitted. It has been said that the dreams of its citizens flushed into the water reclamation system survive in the underground pipes and grow into nightmares. The Ministry of Information has banned this legend as "unhelpful to the spirit of public unity and potentially harmful to the emotional well-being of our citizens."

The center of the city is the vast People of Republic Central Democratic Government Complex, the largest of the domes which encloses the Executive Administration Directorate and the four houses … the Legislature, the Assembly, the Parliament, and the Senate.

Within the city, tall towers of 100 stories or more provide most of the shelter, work, and commercial space within the city, along with large machines that stablilize the internal climate and provide breathable air.


The city maintains three urban transportation networks. Transport 1 is available to all citizens and connects stations throughout the city with a comprehensive light rail network. Transport 2 is available to all officials of the metropolitan and planetary government. It connects to a both the Transport 1 stations and to a smaller network of station serving Government buildings and residences. Transport 3 is a system of transport pods available to the highest officials of Government and serves a very limited number of locations.

Over 20% of Republic’s total population (700 million people) resides in the City of Alexander and adjacent sectors and the Ministry of Transport has assured them of a comprehensive system of mobility. There are two spaceports serving the city of Alexander, one north of the city, one south, with regular links to Lagrange Platform. The city is connected to other regional outposts through a system of magnetic levitation trains. Commuter trains run between the City of Alexander and the nearby “Decaburbs,” (ten large regional cities) and the City of the Commonwealth. Additionally, there are Aero-Stations serving the city with transatmospheric flight links to every large conurbation on the planet.

Public Safety[]

Citizens of the City of Alexander are protected by a comprehensive surveillance system. Every location is under constant watchful protection of the Bureau of Public Safety. All spaces are under constant visual surveillance. Additionally, a city-wide system of sensors, interlinked with every citizen's identity sliver, constantly measures the physical status and emotional well-being of every citizens, and alerts Health Authorities if well-being metrics fall below critical factors. In a typical year, over 400,000 citizens will be referred to Ministry of Well-Being for remedial well-being services. Health Services for all citizens are provided through the Ministry of Medicine, with services administered through the Metropolitan Health Authority. Over 100 Medical Centers throughout the city provide comprehensive universal health care to all citizens.


The City of Alexander is co-governed by the Ministry of Administration for the Central Government (the Ministry responsible for all administrative matters for the Executive Committee and the Four Houses) and a Metropolitan Congress and Metropolitan Committee elected by the people. The Metropolitan Congress consists of 100 deputies elected at-large. The Metropolitan Committee is comprised of ten Executives each overseeing a branch of the City Government.

Residency Permits[]

Residency permits are required to live in the City of Alexander; these are issued by Republic’s Ministry of Shelter and must be approved by the City’s Central Authority (Office of Residency Permits). Off-worlders require diplomatic certification in order to legally reside in the city.  Newcomers to the city are assigned a domicile through the Metropolitan Housing Authority. Domiciles, once assigned and purchased from the city, may be exchanged for other domiciles with the approval of the Housing Authorities. Exchange approvals typically require 400 days of processing and review, but can be expedited under special circumstances. Domiciles must be sold back to the city should a resident choose to reside elsewhere.