Constellation was aDefender Ship in service to the New Commonwealth under the command of Captain Bristol Heath Easton of Denali Colony and Executive Officer Zephram “Zap” Rowsdower of Longueil colony. It carried a crew of 1,063 from Denali, Republic, Independence and other New Commonwealth colonies.Constellation was a warship, carrying heavy anti-proton guns, missiles, and two squadrons of Aquilae equipped for the Heavy Attack Role. Its primary mission was to protect exploring expeditions from potential threats.

In the Solar Year 7381, Constellation was dispatched to the Orion Quadrant to support an exploratory fleet that was assembled for exploration of suspected former Commonwealth Major Colony sites. It was docked in the vicinity of Charlemagne Starlock when that installation was attacked by an Aurelian attack fleet. Constellation survived the attack and rendezvoused with the Fleet of Orion at Parallax colony. Constellation was destroyed at the Battle of Terrastar.