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Corian Trawick is the Prime Commander of the New Commonwealth Explorer Ship Naphtali and the Leader of the Third Orion Exploring Expedition. (Book 11: Charlemagne and Book 12: Earth)


Trawick was born in the province of New Galatia on the planet Columba Zion in Bountiful System B. Trawick had been a champion athlete as a youth and enlisted in the Bountiful Space Service at the conclusion of his university studies. He had advanced quickly in the ranks and was given the command of the Third Ex. Ex. while still in his early thirties. His primary area of expertise is in logistics. His bias toward caution and preference for clear lines of authority and order frequently put him at odds with Admiral Keeler.

He is ruggedly handsome, athletic and usually excels at everything he tries. He is married and has three young children, who live with him on Naphtali.