Third planet (of ten) in the system 10 065 Vulpecula. Population: 3.4 billion. Planetary Capital: Unknown. Coriolus is a terra-class planet with 77% of its surface area covered by water, two major continental land masses (and two minor), and one large moon in distant orbit. Coriolus was charted by the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus in the Sapphirean Year 7342.

Coriolis was captured by the Aurelians two decades before Pegasus's arrival. The crew sent undercover teams to the surface to study the Aurelians and gain strategic intelligence. (Spec Episode: "Undercover Angels") The Aurelians systematically exterminated the human population, enslaved the survivors, and stripped the planet of resources.

The Treaty of Coriolis, executed in the Coriolis system, formally ended the First Aurelian War.

Coriolis was used as an Aurelian base during the Second Aurelian War. The battle fleet that attacked Wolf's Head during the battle of A Day to Remember originated in the Coriolis System. The Wolverian counter-attack (Operation Unleash Hell) obliterated the Aurelian base and left no Aurelian survivors. Coriolis remained an operating base for the New Commonwealth and Free Worlds Alliance fleets through the remainder of the war.

Due to the severe environmental damage inflicted by the Aurelians and the Wolverian counter-attack, the inhabitability of Coriolis declined precipitously. The planet was left with vast areas of the crust stripped bear. The atmosphere was severely contaminated and irradiated. The New Commonwealth of the Galaxy and the Free Worlds Affiliation began joint environmental remediation projects to restore habitability.