Cree Bladerunner was a Telemetry Specialist and Astrophysicist who served on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus in the 72nd Solar Century. He was a native of the planet Sapphire .

While in the Bodicea system, he discovered a large number of objects headed toward the planet. He joined the expedition to recon the objects, which was led by Lt. Commander Phil Redfire. The objects, it was later learned, were an Aurelian Megasphere and fleet of attack ships en route to conquer the Bodicea system. Bladerunner was on board the Aves Hector when it was attacked and captured by the Aurelians. He was captured and had his brain removed and replaced with that of an Aurelian agent, who infiltrated Pegasus and attempted to murder Prime Commander Keeler. After which, he was abandoned on the planet Hearth with the surviving population of randy senior citizens (Book 03: Bodicea )

His name suggests he is descended from the Blade Runners of the Old Commonwealth; specially enhanced humans and cyborgs trained to hunt down and kill rogue artificial intelligent (AI) life forms. The take their name from an Old Earth Cinema-Legend.