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Specialist Cristiana Gotobed was a member of the crew of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. She served in the ship’s Cultural Survey, and acted as Prime Commander Keeler’s Aide-de-Camp when he was on the planet Winter.

She is described as an attractive woman, with long, nut-brown hair. Her eyes were large and blue, fiercely intelligent between magnificently arched eyebrows. Keeler thought she walked like a man, but that it was actually kind of a turn on. Kind of.

While on Winter, she was romanced by Lord Brigand and Lord Tyronius. After rescuing Keeler from the village of Shipwreck, she accepted an invitation to remain behind on Winter as a permanent liaison, and possibly to become the wife of Lord Tyronius. (Book 04: Winter )

Note: The character of Cristiana Gotobed was modeled after the Babylon 5 character of Susan Ivanova and named after the drummer for the band Wire .