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Chief Engineering Lieutenant Cuauhtémoc Ojala was Pegasus’s Chief Engineer from the time of launch until he left the ship to serve as the Chief Engineer on board the Lexington Keeler. He is described as a muscular man with mahogany skin, a bald head, and stony black eyes.

Book 01: Meridian[]

Ojala leads efforts to restore Pegasus’s systems after they are taken off-line by Caliph.

Book 05: Aurora[]

Ojala is part of the crew selected for the initial communication link with the home-systems aboard Starlock Chapultepec. He participates in the engineering analysis of the ‘Poltergeist Suit’ found on-board the station.

Book 06: Crucible[]

Ojala is one of Pegasus crew that departs the ship to serve on Lexington' Keeler.