Deacon Raider is a member of the Tactical Core of the pathfinder ship Pegasus, with specialization in weapons systems and tactical analysis. He is an avid mineralogist and geo-cartographer, specializing in mapping the terrain of irregularly-shaped moons; for which he developed an innovative topography sensing technique that subsequently became part of Pegasus's standard approach.

Backstory: Raider grew up in the environs of Teague, a city in southeastern Delta Province of the planet Sapphire, where his family ran a business related to the production, processing

He spends his spare time with his wife Alaria and plays manic violin and bass in the ship's chamber orchestra; for which he also composes music, specializing in erotic themes with a lot of heavy bass. He also participates in virtual combat scenarios in the ship's virtual Downworld environment and helped create the Savage Lands simulation environment; which involves looting and pillaging in a fanciful interpretation of the ancient history of Sapphire' Boreala continent.  During the two years Pegasus was at the Starlock Chanticleer, he romanced and married a flight controller/Savage Lands Swordmaiden, Coraline Vader.

Raider helped map the rogue planet that destroyed the planet Gethsemane. Tatical Specialist Deacon Raider was on the bridge of Pegasus during the annihilation of the planet Gethsemane. ((Book 09 Gethsemane))