Delia Katherine Anne Somerset Chanski Keeler was the wife of Bill Keeler. She died twenty years before he took command of Pegasus.


Delia was born into a wealthy family that lived in the high income community of Amity, on the northeast coast of Sapphire’s Delta continent. They spent the winters in another high-end community, Shoreline, west of New Cleveland. Bill Keeler met Delia in the Sapphirean year 7270. He was an Assistant Professor of Histories, and she was an aspiring novelist.

Theirs was an arranged marriage, intending to combine the declining fortunes of the Somerset-Chanski family with the inexhaustible wealth and status of the Keelers, and provide the Keelers a chance to marry off he-who-was-thought-unmarriable.

The first thing he noticed about her on that crisp September had been her eyebrows. Sure, she had fabulous tits, but so did most all of the women of his acquaintance in those days. Those eyebrows, though, the way they arched above her violet-colored eyes, he couldn’t stop staring at them. –Book 09: Gethsemane

The marriage was happy at first, but entered a troubled phase. Bill and Delia drifted apart as he advanced in the University community and she dealt with fame and success as a novelist.

While on a promotional tour for her second novel, Delia Keeler attended a rounders game in Corvallis. She was killed instantly when an errant fastball hit her right in the eye.

Bill Keeler lamented her death and was unable to pursue other women until an experience in an alternate reality or something allowed him to confront his feelings for her.


Delia Keeler was the author of two novels

The Bold and the Beautiful - A meditation on history and philosophy disguised as a novel about a man and a cyborg in love with the same woman and on the same quest for lost Commonwealth treasures.

As the World Turns - A sequel to The Bold and the Beautiful, and the second book in an intended trilogy. This novel tracked the characters from the first as they were led to depravity in pursuit of forbidden desires.

In an alternate reality, or something, she published a third novel titled The Guiding Light in which the characters sought redemption for their past behavior.

Alternate Reality or SomethingEdit

In an Alternate Reality or Something in which Delia Keeler did not die and Bill Keeler did not become commander of Pegasus, Delia and Bill Keeler had a long and sometimes difficult marriage and had a son named Kyte.