Dominia was a planet in theLyra Sector of the Perseus Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy located about 67 light years from the Chapultepec Starlock.

In Book 05: Aurora, TyroCommander Redfire led an expedition to Dominia. He departed with Eliza Jane Change and Jersey Partridge aboard the Aves Winnie, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Adamus Wang. Unknown to them, the planet's orbit had been shifted by the Tarmigans, turning it into an ice-world. Upon entering the atmosphere, they went into an uncontrolled descent and crashed on an ice-covered sea. Wang died instantly in the crash. Partridge died some days later.

They discovered the planet's elite political leadership had built extensive underground habitats in an attempt to survive the attack. Unfortunately, they ran out of food and died of starvation.

Dominia had previously been allied with Aurora and Organia in a mutual defense pact against the Tarmigans.

During the Second Aurelian War, the New Commonwealth established a secret base on Dominia in the undersea complex built by the planet's previous inhabitants. It was used as a quarantine lab for studying hazardous lifeforms recovered on exploratory missions. In 7355, the entire base was obliterated by an excaped life form and the planet permanently quarantined.