TECHNICIAN Third Class Eddie Roebuck never expected to be chosen for the Odyssey Project, and signed up for the lottery by which Sapphire's participants were chosen only to impress a girl he was trying to score with. He is the lowest ranking crewman on the ship, and has no commitment to the mission. He is the third leg of a love triangle with Matthew Driver and Eliza Jane Change, in Books 1 through 3. In Book 2, he became proprietor of Eddie's Inter-Stellar Slam-n-Jam, a bar located deep in Pegasus's Underdecks, featuring unhealthy food, illicit alcohol, live music, and robot fights (Book 3: Bodicea). He later becomes a Holy Man of an obscure religious sect known as the Brianists (Book 7: Yronwode).


Edward Backbay Roebuck was born in the city of New Halifax on Sapphire's Carpenteria continent. He was left in the care of his grandmother while his parents worked on a Mining Ship in the Sapphire Out-System. Both were tragically killed in a decompression accident when Eddie was seven years old.

At the age of 22, after a dunken night of partying during the New Halifax Platinum Festival, Eddie Roebuck signed up for the Odyssey Project lottery. He didn't get the girl, but he was selected for the program. He expected to fail out of training, and leverage the experience for a position on a Mining Ship. However, he formed a close bond with Eliza Jane Change, who was also a reluctant participant in the program. Primarily because of her, he stuck it out and was posted to Pathfinder Three, Pegasus . (Book 1: Meridian )

Unhappy as a Technician, Roebuck was able to secure permission to create a bar in Pegasus's Underdecks. (Book 2: EdenWorld ). His wet C-Shirt and robot wrestling matches made the bar popular for a time. But when half the crew left the ship following the Battle at 12 255 Crux, Roebuck found himself lacking purpose once again.

On the planet Yronwode, Eddie Roebuck became Supreme Pontifex of the Starcross religion, taking the name Pontifex Grexxx Grebulon, the name of a Sapphirean Erotic Thespian. He proved his worthiness by jumping a motorcycle over a tank containing a giant space kraken. Using the ast Supernatural Powers available to the Pontifex, he engaged in an epic battle with Prime Commander Keeler. Later, deprived of his rank and power, he returned to Pegasus as the sole representative of the Starcross religion. (Book 7: Yronwode ).


Friends - Matthew Driver and Eliza Jane Change

Jobs HeldEdit

  • Dockhand - Carpenteria Docks
  • Technician (3rd Class) Pathfinder Ship Pegasus
  • Bartender and Proprietor
  • Pontifex of Brian on Yronwode
  • Holy Man