Ericsson Molto was a Tactical Specialist on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, described as “blond, rather bland-looking, with thick, pink babyish skin.


Ericsson Molto was born in Republic’s City of Innovation. On the basis of exceptional marks in his engineering studies at the Republic Institute of Science and Technology, he was encouraged to join the Odyssey Project. He was accepted and studied for the Engineering Core, but grew bored that the training was redundant to the engineering courses he had already taken. He switched to Tactical Core, and became valued as a weapons and sensor systems specialist. He was usually teamed with Halo Jordan before her disappearance, and subsequently teamed frequently with Ana Taurus-Rook .

Book 01: MeridianEdit

Molto was assigned to the Aves Basil as part of the rescue party sent to retrieve the first contact team from the surface of Meridian.

Book 02: EdenWorldEdit

Molto was assigned to the Aves Basil as part of the team sent to the far side of EdenWorld to rendezvous with Phil Redfire’s party. He participated in the search and rescue for Redfire.

Book 05: AuroraEdit

Molto was assigned to the Aves James as part of the team sent to search and rescue survivors from the Aves Winnie after it crashed on the ice planet Dominia .

Book 06: CrucibleEdit

Molto was listed as one of the crewmen remaining on board Pegasus during the crew split.

Book 09: GethsemaneEdit

Molto was assigned to the Aves Prudence during the evacuation of Gethsemane, and participated in the rescue of children from Jericho Point.

Book 11: CharlemagneEdit

Molto appears as an Avatar in DownWorld, suggesting that he possibly has died.