Eta Ure is a Terra-Class planet in the Orion Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, 21 light years from Charlemagne Starlock. It is uninhabited, but the New Commonwealth established a re-supply base on the planet’s surface.

Eta Ure was the destination for Pegasus’s long-range flight trials with its new engines following their upgrade at Charlemagne. As part of his plan to take over the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus , David Alkema planned to leave the members of the crew who wouldn’t join his mutiny stranded on the surface of Eta Ure.

Back Story: The planet is not described in detail, but it is an earthlike world with continents, oceans, moderate temperatures, and a turquoise sky. Eta Ure was named after Midge Ure of the band Ultravox, because I was listening to a lot of old Ultravox while I wrote parts of Book 11 .