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Fallon is a habitable planet in the Orion Quadrant. It was re-charted by the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus in the 73rd Solar Century, using data provided by inhabitants of the Hellfire system.


166 200 Ara III. Equatorial radius: 5,051.9 km. Mass: 4.5×10 to the 24th kg. Gravity, 71% of Sapphire’s. Mean Surface Temperature: 16 degrees Celsius. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide atmosphere, with a Xenon-rich layer at about 11,000 meters. It has more than one moon, the closest of which is 21,000 km from the surface of the planet.


The planet once hosted a technologically advanced human society that utilized stellar Tritium as a critical energy source. The planet had hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of inhabitants, and over 200 major cities on its surface.

The planet was politically dominated by The Empire State, the most powerful of many nations. Twenty lesser nation-states were in alliance against it. Most often, conflict was carried out economically, politically, and diplomatically… only occasionally breaking out into warfare.

When the Kariad arrived, they found the imbalance of political and economic power on Fallon unacceptable. They proposed a solution; a new Global Government in which power was shared equally among all nations. As an incentive, they offered the world a new technology that would provide limitless power, and end this planet’s dependence on off-world sources of Tritium.

To ensure cooperation, the Kariad gave part of the new energy technology to each of the many nations on this planet, thinking it would force them to cooperate in order to build it.

After the Kariad left, several of the smaller nations and one of the larger ones held back on sharing their pieces of the technology. Some were holding out for more concessions, but a few had nursed so many resentments against the Empire State for so long, they were willing to bring down the entire planet in order to settle their scores.

The tritium supplies depleted rapidly, and with no replacement technology, civilization collapsed rapidly. Within a few years, the cities had been abandoned and human culture relapsed to a primitive state. Worse, an outbreak of some sort of dementia worsened the degree of savagery among the human survivors. (Book 08: Hellfire )