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Fortnight is a colony in the Perseus Sector of the Perseus Quadrant, the seventh planet of the Type F star 22 568 Perseus.


Fortnight has 35 moons and its surface is pockmarked with craters from previous collisions; many of which have filled to become lakes and seas. The surface is 57% land and 47% water. Fortnight is 10,800 km in diameter with a gravity only 83% of the Terrestrial Standard.

History, Demography, and Culture[]

When the planet was charted and surveyed in the 41st Century, the planet had a life-supporting biosphere, but was subject to periodic asteroid bombardment. Prior to colonization, over a hundred large asteroids with potential for Extinction Level Event impacts were cleared from the planet's orbital path. A number of these large bodies were nudged into the planet’s orbit as moons to stabilize the planet's axis and provide a shield against smaller impacts. Cometary diversion and imports of ice from two ice worlds in the same system augmented the planet's surface water. The planet is protected by a highly advanced Defensive Grid constructed during the Commonwealth Era that deflects or destroys incoming asteroids.

The effort was considered worthwhile because of the planet's outstanding natural beauty and potential for development. Its landscape is notable for stretches of tall craggy peaks of golden rock, lush forests of flowering trees, magnificent painted deserts, and placid lakes. The planet enjoys a warm climate, although there are high altitudes in the upper latitudes that enjoy perpetual snow and ice.

The planet's population in the 74th Solar Century was approximately 270 million people. Its largest city is Howland, which was also the original survey and settlement site, located on the central plateau of one the planet's many annular lakes. Many of the planet’s cities are likewise located on the round island plateaus in the middle of its crater lakes. Each city on the planet is a sovereign municipality. There is no planetary Government. A third of the planet's inhabitants live in the Free Lands outside the municipal settlements.

Fortnight was recharted by the Pathfinder Ship Sapphire in the 71st Solar Century. The crew saved the planet from the imminent re-entry and crash of its ancient colonizer ship, which would have landed on Howland city and devastated the planet.

Shortly thereafter, a spaceport was built on the planet's largest moon, Typhon. Typhon Base serves as the Gateway to the Fortnight system, but only a few ships each year call there. The planet's chief exports are agricultural products, spices, and textiles. It is part of the Furlong-Boon-Fortnight triangle.

Fortnight is an affiliate of the Free Worlds. Fortnighters serve on the ships of Space.Ex Consortium along with members of other Free Worlds. The planet and its people have a reputation for preferring privacy and isolation.