Furlong is a colony in the Equuleus sector of the Perseus Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. Furlong is the fourth (of 10) planet of a G-type sun.

Most of Furlong's surface is favored with a warm climate, although there are sub-arctic regions at the higher latitudes. It has one major continent called Berg that occupies most of the northern hemisphere. The smaller continent of Nordonia lies in the southern hemisphere and is trailed by an archipelago of 3,300 islands that stretches for 4,000 kilometers.

Furlong was recharted by the Pathfinder Ship Sapphire. Its sky is a pale amber color, like wheat-ale. It has a single large moon which is called Catherine's Horse for reasons no one is certain of. The planet also has three smaller moons, all of less than a thousand kilometers in diameter, and an equatorial ring system.

The planet's population was ~600,000,000 as of the 74th solar century. Its largest city is the trading center of Tuscarora on Berg continent. The planet has two "Capital" cities: Cattail on Berg continent and Solis on Nordonia continent. There is a unicameral planetary legislature led by an elected council, collectively called the Council of Furlong. The CoF is charged with speaking for Furlong on interstellar matters, it has limited jurisdiction on internal planetary matters. The planet's direct governance comes from 60 "Freeholds" with jurisdiction over its geographical area.

Berg continent has many regions ideal for the cultivation of grapes, mauves, and janeberries as well as a variety of stone fruits. Distilleries were part of the planet's early economic development, and its wines and liquors are renowned throughout the quadrant and are extensively traded. There are large industrial zones located along the eastern coast and in the Equus River basin. Nordonia and most of its large islands are heavily forested. The entire archipelago straddles a tectonic fault and is prone to earthquakes and volcanic islands. However, the fault provides an abundance of geothermal energy which has been harnessed for industry. Nordonia also contributes agriculture, mining, and tourism to the planetary economy.

Furlong lies less than one parsec from the Boon system, making the two colonies the second closest conjunction of colonies not located in a poly-stellar system. (The Guelph system's proximity to the Gander-Longueil system being the closest.) Trade and cultural exchanges between the two planets are extensive. Furlong's proximity to the Chessman Starlock (11 parsecs) also facilitates its ability to participate in interstellar trade. The Saxon-Alpha Base on Catherine's Horse hosts both a major planetary defense station and an interstellar spaceport.

Furlong is an Affiliate of the Free Worlds. In cooperation with the Space Exploration Consortium, it supports a fleet of starships including fast attack corvettes, defenders, and explorers. It also has a merchant fleet for trade and commerce with other worlds of the alliance.

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