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Gage Aarad was member of the crew of the ship Astra Cartographer and an employee of the Astra Consortium. He is a native of the planet Wolf's Head, a well-muscled brute in his early thirties who served on the Defender Ship Axiom of Force before it was destroyed in the Battle of Terrastar.

Aarad, along with Max Jordan, joined the crew of Astra Cartographer after the Battle of Terrastar. Two of Honoria Keeler's original crew, the brothers Rig Taylor and Sky Taylor. The Taylors remained in the Terrastar system to report back to the Astra Consotium on any Commonwealth Technology found on Earth.

Aarad shares the duty of providing security and tactical support to Astra Cartographer missions with Max Jordan, whom he regards as an inferior, not an equal. Aarad is a scionof the Arctos Tribal Clan on Wolf's Head, and feels that by not dying in battle, he has betrayed his warrior heritage. Aarad was on Alpha Base during the battle and experiences some degreee of survivor guilt as most of his shipmates were killed.

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