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Galactic Condor was a Cathartidae class salvage and repair ship owned and operated by the Pan-Galactic Service Company of Bountiful Prime. The primary base for Galactic Condor was the Pan-Galactic Service dockyards on Chaldea's moon Babylon.

Galactic Condor was designed and equipped for the repair and salvage of spacegoing ships. Under contract to the New Commonwealth of the Galaxy. It was flown to Chapultepec Starlock in Solar Year 7280 to support repair and service operations on Free Worlds and Commonwealth ships. It was joined by its sister ship, Space Vulture, which was under contract to the Free Worlds. In the Solar Year 7381, Galactic Condor was chartered to assist in the refit and upgrade of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus prior to its planned decommissioning.

Galactic Condor – Under Captain Goodheart Moon, with a mixed crew of 45 and an additional 202 repair technicians, was dispatched to the Charlemagne Starlock with another Cathatidae class ship --- Space Vulture --- and spent more than 160 solar days making structural and system upgrades to Pegasus. Galactic Condor was present at Charlemagne during the Aurelian assault. Galactic Condor survived the Battle of Charlemagne and subsequently joined the Fleet of Orion . Its support operations were vital to restoring ships damaged in the Aurelian Attack. It was also present at the Battle of Terrastar.Galactic Condor was instrumental in repairing ships battle damaged in the Attack on Charlemagne. It also supported the Fleet of Orion in the subsequent Battle of Terrastar. (Worlds Apart Book 12 – Earth)

After the battle, the ship was ordered to return to the Bountiful system, transiting through the Chadhoury and Chapterhouse Starlocks, arriving at its home base at Chaldea in the Solar Year 7391. Captain Moon was relieved of command, but was able to sign on to a Space Exploration Consortium supply ship Nordonia. Galactic Condor returned to duty under Captain Calvert Pollard of Bountiful Prime.