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Galactic Conquest is a popular storyline that crosses games, interactive fiction, and action-sequence holocinema. Galactic Conquest is a production of JoyLab, an entertainment company headquartered in New Cleveland, Sapphire.

An initiate in the game takes the role of a recruit in the Galactic Armada, a large fleet of ships in service to the Eternal Empire, under the command of an Artificial Intelligence known as ‘The Cardinal.’ The mission of the armada is to conquer worlds that are not yet part of the Empire. The Armada also battles alien ships and those of the Rival Dynastic Empire.

The object of the game is to advance in the fleet through courage and skill, eventually having command of a ship of one’s own. The fleet is led by the Ultra-Battle Cruiser Ark' Royal. Being posted to the Ark Royal and serving The Cardinal directly is another avenue for advancement in the game.

Depending on the population and technology level of the planets invaded, a conquest can last days or even years. The conquest of Stella 258, for example, was regarded as the most grueling in the game’s history, lasting almost six years. Over half the game’s subscribers went inactive during that time.

The Pathfinder Ship 'Ark Royal' was named after being voted as the winning entry in a competition on Sapphire that was heavily promoted by JoyLab and by fans of the game.